Our restaurant welcomes golfers and non golfers in a convivial atmosphere

The restaurant welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner with our regular menu, weekly specials, theme menu or our golf packages in a convivial atmosphere. Discover our wide selection of fine wines. Non-golfing clients are also welcomed for dining.

Our menus combine creativity, flavor and freshness your fine dining taste. Our wine list provides you with a choice of our local, imported or private selections that will satisfy the most sophisticated needs.

Available services

Breakfast ~ Start your day with a generous and delicious choice of classic eggs, pancakes and French toast dishes.

Our daily lunch menus are served quickly and offer a choice of salads, club sandwiches, pasta, hamburgers and other delicious dishes from our menu.

Dinner ~ Pasta bar on Sundays and our weekly specials. Our regular menu is available on the regular nights of the week or on the weekends.

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